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Hi guys! I'm Andy Donaldson, one of the team here at Swimclan.

I've been a competitive swimmer most my life and have had the priviledge to race for club and country at an elite level all around the world.

Below are some insights and tips I have for people with their swimming. Hope they help!!

1) All about the catch

In swimming, the majority of your propulsion comes from your arm catch & pull.

Spend time thinking about where your hand enters the water, whether it's a clean entry and how you initiate your pull.

When pulling, think about efficiency and getting the most out of each stroke.

Good ways to practice this are Single Arm Freestyle and Freestyle Pull

2) Relax your kick

Although kick does create propulsion in swimming, it can also be taxing.

Think about relaxing your kick, and using it more so to keep your body buoyant rather than to create propulsion.

This will not only help you conserve energy, but can help with improving your timing too!

3) Transitioning to open water

Moving from pool swimming to open water is tricky at the best of times.

Before making the jump, try practice key open water skills in the pool such as sighting and swimming in a pack. It will help!

If you do find yourself becoming stressed during an open water swim, flip over on to your back and look at the sky.

This can provide you time to breath and will help you relax.

Happy swimming guys!

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