Private Coaching


Swimclan private coaching is designed to put the power in your hands as you to tell us what you want and what you need.

The two main types are Private Sessions and Customised Programs.


Both operate in a pool of your choice at agreed upon times.  

All our private coaching is organised in advance. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

Private Sessions


These are one-off sessions organised in advance at a location & time of your choice.  

You tell us your preferred session type, number of attendees and we'll do the rest (supplying lane & coach).

Session Type

Learn to swim (up to 2 per session) - $115 per hour

  • Ideal session for those with no swimming knowledge or experience.

  • Learn how to tread water, breathe properly and develop your swimming skills one on one with professional coaches.

  • We're in the pool with you to provide direct assistance while developing your ability and comfort for all water environments.

  • Supportive equipment and specified drills are included to help you.  

Stroke development (up to 4 per session) - $115 per hour

  • Develop your technique in a low-pressure environment from the best coaches in the business.

  • Sessions focus on skills, body position and comfort in the water using a unique range of drills, exercises and equipment.

  • ​Every client receives one on one help and advice from our team of experienced coaches.

  • Our coaches often jump in with you to provide the best feedback and direct tips so you learn more in a shorter time frame.

Transition to open water (coming soon)

  • Designed to improve skills and confidence in the surf and open water.

  • Sessions run in safe, low-pressure environments to assist with the transition.

  • Our highly experienced open water swimmers will jump in the ocean with you to provide tips and encouragement.

Key Details

A one-hour private session includes:

  • Lane hire (organised by Swimclan)

  • 1x Coach

  • We can supply the kit (optional)


How to Organise

Enquire about your session with the following information:

  • Preferred location

  • Preferred time

  • Session type (Learn to Swim, Stroke Development)

  • A brief description of your background in swimming, and what you hope to achieve with us

Customised Program


Have a group of friends, colleagues or team mates who all want to swim and improve together?  Do you all have an event that you're working towards or are you even looking for something different that combines fitness and team building?  Swimclan's Customised Program has got you covered!


Access skilled coaching together through a Customised Program with Swimclan.  You tell us what you want, where you want it and how often, and we'll work with you to make it happen.  

Key Details

Programs can be tailored as follows:

  • Session frequency - e.g. once per week

  • Program duration - e.g. five weeks

  • Session focus - e.g. technique and preparation for the Rottnest Channel Swim

  • Number of participants - we operate 2 lanes and 1 coach for every 10 swimmers

How to Organise

Enquire about the customised program, sharing with us the following information:

  • Preferred location

  • Preferred time

  • Session type (Learn to Swim, Stroke Development)

  • A brief description of your group, their swimming capabilities and what you hope to achieve with us