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Pretty neat isn't it!

Want to buy plans, manage your account and book sessions with ease? Or access tips, tricks and stay up to speed with all things Swimclan directly from your fingertips? You can do just that and we'll show you how!

Download The App

Wait, there's an app?! Yes there sure is, and here's how to set it up.

1) Search for Wix in the App Store or Google Play, or use the links below to download the Wix Website Builder: Online Stores, Blogs & more App:

- App Store

- Google Play

Alternatively, if you are viewing the Swimclan website on your phone, there should be a prompt taking you to the app.

This will appear as a small banner at the top of your phone screen, similar to the image on the left.

2) Log in or create a Wix Account

This next step depends on whether or not you have created a Swimclan account. For those who already have a Swimclan account, sign into the Wix App using the same email address.

That's it! You should have access to the Swimclan Members App.

For those new to Swimclan and without an account, you may need to create a new one. You can do so using either of the following sign up methods: - Continue with Facebook

- Continue with Google Account - Continue with email address

Once in, you may need to add an Invite Code to join the Swimclan Members App.

The Swimclan invite code is RNGP9W

After this, you should be in.

3) Check out the app!

Now you're in, you can check out the many features of the Wix App. Buy plans, book classes, join discussions, read blog posts and much more - right from the end of your fingertips!

Swimclan Scarborough Jamie Bagby Bex Kirke Becca Sayers
Great job, you're ready to rock and roll!

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