Frequently asked questions

What can I expect in the Learn To Swim classes with Swimclan?

If you're looking to consolidate the basics or you’ve never swum before don't worry, our Learn to Swim classes have got you covered.

These classes focus on a range of stroke and breathing drills in a low pressure, patient and enjoyable environment to help you turn swimming into a survival skill and comfortable form of exercise as seamlessly as possible.
Our experienced team will work directly with you to achieve your swimming goals, whether this be learning to tread water, handling submersion or learning to swim continuous laps to handle any water environment. To make you feel comfortable, our team are with you in the water at all times to provide tips and assistance. No one is beyond our help and we ensure a stress-free learning experience with the best coaches available. Whether you're 15 years old or 90, we cater for everyone.

What can I expect in the Stroke Development classes with Swimclan?

When you jump in our Stroke Development class, we start with a land-based warm up before jumping in the pool for around 55 minutes to focus on the quality of your technique.

Using particular drills, exercises, equipment and instructions, Swimclan can help any swimmer develop a seamless and efficient stroke. Our coaches frequently jump in the water with you to have a forensic look at your technique while providing the best feedback and tips.

All of our team are former elite swimmers or coaches themselves and provide the best possible guidance, demonstrations and feedback to help perfect your skills in the water.

Our main priority is providing direct assistance to each and every swimmer in more detail than any other swimming program. We ensure everyone receives one on one time with our coaches to receive their own unique feedback and advice.

What can I expect in the Swim Fit sessions with Swimclan?

Want to take your swimming to the next level using the best low impact exercise available? Our one-hour Swim Fit sessions are created by our experienced swimmers and coaches to help improve your fitness, technique, speed, endurance and skills through enjoyable and low-pressure sessions.

These workouts provide countless health benefits and are a great stepping-stone for achieving your individual swimming goals, losing weight, boosting your lung capacity, increasing your aerobic fitness and for muscle tone. Distances covered range from around 1.8-2.5 kilometres.

Starting out in Learn To Swim or Stroke Development sessions and want to reach Swim Fit? We’ve got your back for gradually finding comfort, speed and endurance in the water. We've already helped many swimmers excel from beginner to our Swim Fit sessions in less than two months.

I’ve never swum before, what do I bring and what can I expect?

All you need to bring is your bathers, towel, cap, sunscreen, drink bottle and goggles. While it is beneficial for you to bring a kickboard, fins, pullbouy and paddles, if you don't have these items you can always borrow one of ours in the meantime. Our team have helped hundreds of adults go from beginner to advanced swimming stages and we’ll never rush or push you into anything you don’t want to do. Your goals are our goals and our sessions are always fun, low pressure and based on quality coaching and patience for everyone involved. We’ll even jump in with you to make you feel comfortable. We never intend to have you leave feeling exhausted. We prefer energised, educated and euphoric.

What kind of exercises can I expect in the sessions?

We start each session with a five minute landbased warm up and stretch before 55 minutes of swimming.

Our Learn To Swim classes involve aided progression drills to help you adapt to the water. Exercises include simple buoyancy and floatation exercises, non-strenuous submersion activities, stroke advice, breathing tips and a refined look at your kick, catch and body position. These sessions are not strenuous and look at teaching you the fundamentals of swimming with improved ease and comfort.

Our Stroke Development sessions take a finer look at perfecting your technique with specific drills and low-pressure exercises. These sessions involve swimming intermittent lengths of a 25m pool and putting the polish on your skills and quality of stroke rather than quantity of swimming. We even teach you how to dive and tumbleturn. Coaches frequently jump in with you to provide one on one tips and distances covered range from 700-1200m.

Swim Fit sessions look at combining all your acquired skills into a great workout that is low impact on your body. Once your technique has improved and you feel comfortable swimming continuous laps, Swim Fit is a great stepping stone for increasing your fitness and distance covered. Our experienced coaches and swimmers create specialised sets and exercises that help with your aerobic fitness, lung capacity, speed, endurance and technique. Distances covered range from around 1500-2500m.

Every program involves variating use of kickboards, paddles, pullboys and fins in 25m pools. We focus on coaching quality and providing a great atmosphere, not pushing you past your threshold!

What kind of coaches work with Swimclan?

You will be working with skilled, accredited coaches who are widely experienced in working with people from all walks of life. Many of our coaches have worked with babies, children, teenagers and adults of all ages and skill levels. We also cater for helping people with physical or learning disabilities and injuries.

All of our coaches come from extensive swimming backgrounds and many have performed at state, national and international levels. Our coaching team include former Australian swimming champions and Rottnest Channel Swim solo winners who have helped everyone from beginners to Olympic level swimmers.

Our coaches don't just bark orders from the side of the pool. They love swimming themselves and frequently jump in with you to have a forensic look at your technique from all angles. This ensures you receive the best feedback and value out of our sessions.

No matter your ability, age or prior swimming experience, our coaches are more than capable and happy to help you achieve your goals.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect at Swimclan?

Fun, low-pressure and inclusive! We’re here to expand your swimming knowledge and make you feel as comfortable as possible in a welcoming community.

We’ll never raise our voices or bark orders. We believe in patience with our coaching and even play music to keep your ears tickled.

We pride ourselves on keeping our culture unique and light-hearted. Even if you turn up to our sessions feeling apprehensive or stressed, we guarantee you will leave feeling happier and keen to return. Our squad is a family and everyone is welcome.

How long are the sessions?

All of our Learn To Swim, Stroke Development and Swim Fit sessions run for approximately one hour.

This includes a 5 minute landbased warmup, 50-55 minutes of swimming and a 5 minute feedback chat.

We advise arriving at least 5-10 minutes before the session is due to start so you can complete an adequate warm up. We will also chat with you during this time to provide tips or discuss potential issues such as injuries or soreness.

What do I do if I have underlying health issues or injuries?

Please advise us via email at or in person prior to the session commencing if you have underlying health issues or injuries.

Swimming is a great exercise for people with asthma, chronic diseases, learning disabilities or physical injuries and our team are well experienced and equipped to help anyone regardless of their conditions. We will never make you do anything you are not comfortable to attempt.

We can tailor our drills and sessions accordingly to anyone who requires unique exercises or assistance. Our coaches are on standby at all times and you will be surrounded by qualified experts who can respond quickly, correctly and safely to any issues should they arise.

I've booked my session, what next?  What do I look for when I turn up to the pool?

You've booked your session, you've got your stuff and you're ready to go. Great!
When you turn up to a pool for your session (we recommend five to ten minutes before the session starts), simply look out for a Swimclan coach in the reception area. Our coaches usually wear white or charcoal grey shirts with the Swimclan logo on the front and are usually surrounded by other members who swim with us. If you cannot see any of the Swimclan team or swimmers in reception, or if you're running slightly late, simply pay for your entry and look for us on pool deck. The team stretch for the first five minutes on land prior to jumping in the pool and normally gather at one end of the 25m pool. We like to make everyone feel welcome and will introduce you to the team upon arrival. We'll also chat with you about your prior swimming experience, goals, conditions, injuries and life outside of the pool prior to taking your first dip with us. This allows us to provide you with the best squad selection and unique exercises should you require them.

The weather's bad.  Will my Swimclan session still be on?

In most situations yes!

In the event of poor weather, your safety comes first and we will follow the procedures set by the venue.

If weather becomes averse during a session, we may relocate the group to an indoor pool (if available).

Should weather conditions be considered unsafe for swimming prior to the commencement of a session, a decision will be made and all swimmers booked in shall be notified on whether the session will continue or be cancelled in advance.

Refunds or session credits will be considered if a large majority of a session is cancelled due to bad weather.

As long as conditions are not dangerous, our coaches will be on pool deck to help you come rain, hail or shine. If you see one of our coaches flying away under their umbrella like Mary Poppins however, time to bail!

Can I bring a friend to my Swimclan session?

Of course! Feel free to bring as many friends as you wish to our clan! We will make everyone feel welcome and ensure that whoever comes down is given individual feedback, tips and guidance to reach their swimming goals.

In fact, if you ever bring a friend down to one of our sessions, both of you will swim for FREE!

For newcomers, our coaches usually prefer to jump in the water with them to analyse their technique during the first session. This allows us to work out the tips and advice necessary and work out what squads suit our members best.

How much does it cost to swim with Swimclan?

Our prices currently start at $20 per casual single session. Our most popular options however, are the following bundle packs:

10 classes: $165 ($16.50 per session)

One month unlimited classes: $175 per month

Your payment will cover the coaching, facility and lane hire expenses. As for your pool entry, we ask that you please pay for this on arrival. Note that it's usually much cheaper to buy bundle swim entry passes such as 10 or 20 pass deals than paying for individual pool entries.

How can I book a Swimclan session?

Wanting to book into a session with us? You can choose from our wide range of times and locations by visiting our website and making a booking.

There you can find select the session time, date and type from our wide range of operating pools. Simply click the ‘Book A Class’ tab.

How can I pay for Swimclan sessions?

All payments for sessions are made quickly and seamlessly through our website. We accept a wide range of EFTPOS, direct debit or credit card payment methods for your convenience, PayPal and our website is PCI compliant for your security.

Can I purchase bulk session bundles?

Of course! You can purchase packs of 10 session bundles for $165. This option means each session will only cost you $16.50 per session, while single session purchases cost $20. Our most popular option is a month of unlimited classes for $175. This means you can come and swim at any of our times or locations whenever you want! We accept a wide range of payment methods and your bundles have a three month expiry. If you wish to get a refund, please email or use our contact form and we will help you out ASAP.

Who do I contact for billing enquiries?

If you have any billing or payment queries, please email and our support team will help you ASAP. You can also ask our Swimclan coaches any questions about payments or pricing at our sessions. We pride ourselves on giving you the best value for money with our sessions. If there are any issues with billing, we will help you out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is the typical age of the swimmers?

At Swimclan, we strive to work with and help as many swimmers as we can. This being said, we primarily focus on working with adults. Our goal is for our members to be comfortable in sessions and to see themselves in their teammates. This has meant our swimmers have tended to age anywhere from 18 right through to their 60s and 70s! However if you're outside that range and are thinking to give it a go, come down and jump in. You can always check it out, speak to the coach (or email in advance) and see if it's for you!

Do you run any sessions in the 50m pool?

At this stage, we primarily operate our sessions in 25m lanes. This is to facilitate the Stroke Development program, providing swimmers with what we feel is a better suited place to focus on drills & skills and receive more feedback from the coach (swimmers can stop and chat with the coach more frequently at either end of the pool). If you do wish to swim in the 50m lanes are more than welcome to do so before or after your Swimclan session (remember, you've already covered pool entry!). It's a great way to put into practice what you've learned.